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Re: Rehydrera torrjäst

InläggPostat: måndag 2019-09-16 21:39
av Cobrac
ekstedt skrev:
Cobrac skrev:Vad är deras rekommendation angående vörtstyrka?

Ingen, vad jag harsett.

Fick svar från Fermentis:

Many thanks for your interest in Fermentis yeasts.
Our yeast range is certified “easy-2-use”, meaning that you can pitch the yeast directly into the wort without any performance difference compared to prior rehydration.
This is allowed by improvements of our production process, especially the drying step.
No need to use any rehydration agent such as GoFerm considering that Fermentis yeasts are already rich in sterols.

The maximum Plato depends on the strain, still you can safely pitch the whole range up to 18°P min.

The cell count at 50 - 80g/hl is sufficient for a good start in fermentation: we don’t recommend starters as this is more time consuming and risky regarding infections.

Re: Rehydrera torrjäst

InläggPostat: onsdag 2019-09-18 13:49
av ekstedt
Instressant det där med förbättringen av processen. Kan förklara att det var lite mer tvetydiga bud för 5-10 år sedan.